TTI in Media

1. Tiger Stories published in the Festival Issue 2018  of The Statesman


2. A Perspective on tiger tourism published in the editorial of Bengali daily Sangbad Protidin

Pratidin Article

3. Can the tiger ever get out of the myths that are more deep-rooted than its own existence? That they kill humans has only added to their image of being ferocious, cruel and ‘evil’ instead of eliciting respect for their power and beauty.

Article “Reality Bites” published in The Sunday Statesman (5th August,2018)

4. Article “Where the Royals Rule” -discusses the influence of Tiger Habitats on Tiger behaviour with focus on Ranthambore, Central India, Corbett and Sunderbans.Got published in The Sunday Statesman (27th May,2018)


Online link-

5. An article on Sunderbans tiger sighting that got published in The Sunday Statesman (11th March,2018) Article


6.Our first article in the second largest Bengali daily Bartamaan(4th February, 2018 edition)

This article narrates the stories of 5 famous tigers/tigress in Indian forests today-Munna (Kanha), Gabbar (Tadoba) ,Fateh (Ranthambore), Rayakassa (Pench) and Sharmillee (Corbett) and ends with the mystic Sunderbans.


7. Tadoba travel experience in The Sunday Statesman (19th March, 2017)




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