“Life Exists Beyond Humans”- an Exhibition with a purpose

“We are not here to showcase how great photographers we are! Neither do we want to show others that we have seen so many species of wildlife! Our sole aim is to generate awareness and excitement regarding wildlife and nature among all the generations!”

With this purpose in mind, the exhibition has 130+ pictures on display clicked by wildlife enthusiasts from all spheres of life. The group comprises actors, doctors, lawyers, engineers, interior designers -divided by profession united by love for nature and wildlife ! Through this exhibition, one can venture beyond boundaries to the forests of Africa, marvel at the gait of snow leopard walking on the snows in the Himalayas , get mesmerized by the tiger looks from the swamps of Sundarbans while also coming back to take a peek at the beautiful butterfly that sits on the blooming flowers in the garden!

Nature is beautiful all around us, we just need to find and appreciate its beauty while also trying to conserve life that exists beyond humans!

The exhibition is open to all from 21st September to 26th September (daily 3 PM to 8 PM) at South Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata.


Hirak Sengupta, Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Chitra Vanu Basu, Chandan Sen, Prosenjeet Ghosh, Sanjay Bhattacharya, Rakesh Mallick, Tirthankar Das, Sudeshna Bagchi, Subhojit Roy, Soumya Sankar Dey, Niladri Kundu, Rajdeep Deb, Suddhasattwa Das, Gaurav Chakrabarty, Rhiju Majumdar, Hritom Mallick, Rimik Chakraborty, Nishtha Dey

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