Tiger Moments

Few tiger moments from the wild.

Panna- A Relocation Success

Panna is a tiger reserve in Central India. Unlike Kanha, Bandhavgarh or Pench, Panna went through a period when tiger count was almost down to zero due to poaching, poisoning and many other reasons.Only a lone Male Tiger was there (sounds similar to a story from Africa? ). Tigers were relocated from the neighbouring reserves and dedication and focussed efforts by FD and concerned authorities have helped to increase the Tiger count to more than 30. Panna is a success as far as tiger relocation story in India is concerned. Here we see T1 with a collar (relocated tiger) at Panna -wonderful picture taken by Dr Sanjay Bhattacharyya. He has been to numerous forests in India and wherever he goes the tiger appears ( not using the word “follow”)-many thanks to him for sharing this picture which showcases the early part of Panna tiger relocation when tigers were collared for monitoring after being released in the Panna reserve.

Panna Tiger T1

Picture clicked by Dr Sanjay Bhattacharya

Bandipur (Karnataka)- Tigers soar

Tiger from Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Karnataka. South India particularly Karnataka (state with highest number of tigers as per 2014 census with count being around 400 ) has high number of tigers as per latest census . Tigers in this part of the country usually do not have usually names . But here the tiger is named Madesha, 7-8 years old and son of Prince and Gauri from Bandipur forest. Thanks to Rakesh Mallick for this wonderful click-first tiger in our blog from South India.


Picture clicked by Rakesh Mullick

Tadoba- Land of Legends

Tadoba is the forest which has provided us some wonderful insights into the life of a tiger. Some insights which we had already read in the books and some we have seen in the wild. There are stories around legends of Tadoba -Maya, Bajrang, Sonam, Gabbar. All of them have redefined or have enlightened us with unknown aspects of tiger behaviour. Matkasur is a name which is relatively new to this list (arrived in 2016) but he has emerged as the undisputed ruler of a prime area in Tadoba and has won over one of the most photographed and beautiful tigresses in Indian forests – Maya ! Matkasur’s head 0n captured by Tirthankar Das . Many thanks to him for sharing these wonderful pics /moments of one of the strongest Male tigers in Central India.

Matkasur 1

Picture clicked by Tirthankar Das

Ranthambore-battleground of Big Two

Tiger and Crocodile- two giants from Ranthambore. This forest has recorded epic encounters between this two species (everyone knows about tigress queen Machli killing a full grown crocodile)and this wonderful shot by Prosenjeet Ghosh provides every indication of yet another battle as Machli’s granddaughter Arrowhead closes in. What happened next?

Tiger and Croc.jpg

Picture clicked by Prosenjeet Ghosh

Sunderbans-Land of Swamp Tigers

No tiger moment is complete without a glimpse of the Tiger God from Sunderbans. Here we would not write any description of the moment but just leave you with a view of the catwalk along the banks-


Our sincere thanks to all the wonderful photographers (mentioned above) who shared their pictures for this article on eve of International Tiger Day (29th July,2018)

-Suddhasattwa Das and Niladri Kundu

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