Sunderban TIGERS Through the LENS

4 years and multiple trips to the mangroves and we have been fortunate enough to capture the elusive Swamp tigers that roam in these dense habitats swept by tidal waters everyday.

The enigma of the Tigers , the man-eating incidents , the folk songs have drawn us to these parts again and again.

Sunderbans is wild it is mysterious but beautiful and the presence of the apex predator makes it appealing . Believe us , the tigers can appear anytime here on the banks , in the channels , on the mudflats -from 7 am in the morning after sunrise to 5 PM before sunset !

Tigress , Dec 2017
Sub-Adult Male , August 2018
Dominant Male, Nov 2018
Young Tigress, Jan 2020
Dominant Male , Jan 2020
Young Tigress, Dec 2020
Unidentified Individual, March 2021

The journey continues …

Niladri and Suddha


GoingWild Team (Dec 2017 and Aug 2018 tours)

Nityananda Chowkidar (Nov 2018 till date)


  1. I have never visited Sunderban and seen and heard so much.
    Your pictures are superb . They have given and added a mysterious look to the tigers.They do real justice to what I have read .

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