Looking Back -Tiger Moments 2021

The Covid pandemic did put brakes on our Tiger tours but we still managed to sneek into the forests whenever there was an opportunity.

Kanha,  a unique landscape comprising rolling meadows, forested hills , diverse vegetation and criss crossing streams presents a soothing sight before the beholder and a  panoramic view straight out of the artist’s canvas. It was here that the sub-adult male cubs of Dhawajhandi Female (T-27) could be seen . T-27 is a famous Tigress known for her roadshows in Mukki zone. The cubs are sired by Umarpani Male (T-30) who is one of the many cubs sired by Legendary Munna- the one time icon of Kanha! We watched with awe as Legacy of late Munna lives on in the meadows of Kanha with generations still being reared and sired by his daughters and sons with prominent ones being Neelam (T-65), Umarpani Male (T-30).

Staying in MP, we have the iconic Bandhavgarh. Bandhavgarh became famous in the 90s through the romance of Charger and Sita , legendary Tiger couple. Well the Tiger generations live on in the forests as some nerve-wrecking moments arrived with the sighting of cubs of Spotty and Dabadole.

Closer home it was time to peek through the mangroves to catch glimpses of Dakhin Ray at Sunderbans. Dense yet strangely quiet at times, beautiful but fearful , Sunderbans houses perhaps the most illusive of the Bengal Tiger species in India. As eyelids close after a sumptuous afternoon lunch and as the boat cruises through the eerie silence that permeates the surrounding air, the Tiger appears . No alarm calls no pugmarks , the tiger quietly sits near the banks and disappears as quickly as it had appeared!!

Happy New Year , 2022.

Niladri and Suddha,

Tiger Tales of India.


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